Thai Cuisine

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Torontonians have taken whole-heartedly to Thai cuisine, finding its unique blend of flavours and herbs and spices an exotic, interesting and delicious combination.

A Thai meal pleases diners with a harmony of tastes – sweet, sour, hot, spicy and salty. In a meal, all five tastes should be present. A typical Thai meal consists of an appetizer or two – perhaps hot or cold spring rolls and a salad – be it of green mango, papaya or cold beef. Soup is the well-loved thom yung gung or scallops with coconut milk, tinged with lemongrass. There’s usually a curry dish – an emerald curry or a red curry, perhaps a whole fried fish, and noodles, all served with steamed rice. For dessert, look for the delicious sticky rice and coconut milk with mango. The texture of the fresh mango is a perfect match for the sweet coconut milk sauce.

Thais drink coffee after a meal – it provides the sour taste. The wine recommended to accompany a spicy Thai meal is a Gew├╝rztraminer, and of course, Thai Singha beer is a great match.

Thais present all the dishes at once, in the centre of the table, and diners take a little of this and a little of that. Food is eaten with a spoon in the right hand, a fork in the left. The fork is used to get the food onto the spoon, which can handle the many sauces present in the dishes.

Presentation is very important to the Thais, and much effort is taken to present the dishes well, in pretty blue and white china with garnishes. The art of fruit and vegetable carving is an extension of this. Graceful flowers made of carrots, radishes or watermelon grace the table and the dishes. This type of presentation originated in the royal court, with extensive use of gilt and silver dishes, and beautiful carving – all to enhance the pleasure of a Thai meal.